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Default Re: God and Jesus

Hi everyone,

These are my thoughts on the Jesus is Godís son theme. Personally I donít believe that Jesus is the Son of God because God needs no sons or daughters. To say that God has sons or daughters is indirectly saying that God is somehow like man, which is not true.

Men and women have sons and daughters for a reason. The simplest reason I can see is because we die and our offspring continue that life after we have gone. God gave man the ability to multiply for many reasons, but the one that counts in this discussion is the continuity aspect.

Seeing how God is eternal, why would God need to multiply, He lasts forever. If we were also immortal we would not need to reproduce ourselves, but we donít last forever so we have children instead.

We also have children to help us understand love and nurturing. Having children is also a way for men and women to grow and mature in their relationships with each other. In other words, having children teaches our spirits important lessons. God understands all these things already and always has. He has no need to have sons or daughters.

Thatís my view.
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