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Default Re: God and Jesus

DaddyLongLeg wrote:
To say that God has sons or daughters is indirectly saying that God is somehow like man, which is not true.
Well, the Bible is pretty clear that man was created in the image of God..

Here's a neat palor trick. I'm sure you're familiar w/ the Tetragrammaton, the 4-letter name of God (Yahweh) found in the Old Testament?

One way to write in Hebrew is from right-to-left (opposite from how you read in the Latin languages), which is how I wrote it above. Another valid way is to write from top-to-bottom.

Try that w/ the Tetragrammaton:

What you get (if you use your imagination a little bit) is a "stick figure" of a man(!) The Yud is the head, the first He are the arms, the Vav is the torso, and the second He are the legs..

It's just a parlor trick of course.... but... you can also say that man (in some sense) is created in the image of God(!) :-P
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