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Default Re: Who could have done this?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
You're on the wrong forum for what you seek.
No, I have to have a quasi-conspiracy woman, who enjoys international cooking, travel, culture, banjo music, the texas scottish festival, church, dancing, listening to my translations of scripture, and outreach work to orphans in Romania. All the other women are boring and dumb.

I have a better chance of finding one here than at a dating site. I was at a dating site and I read these profiles. And all of them said things like, "HEY YA guys! This is Twinkle31543. I like clubbin' having fun, partyin', and clubbin', and I just like havin' fun, and hangin' out, and chillin', and I also like havin' fun, and clubbin', and dancin' you know' and havin' fun. So hit me up playa!"

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