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Default Re: COINTELPRO is Winning

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
It depends. For example, if some idiot happens to be obsessed with 9/11 being an inside job, his behavior is damaging for the 9/11 thruth movement in general. This doesn't mean, however, that the 9/11 is full of idiots. Quite the contrary, actually.

Like I said, I think there are many people who are INTELLIGENT enough to make their own decisions when presented with information by those who do not appear to be USELESS IDIOTS within the conspiracy circle. This is not a perfect world and USELESS IDIOTS appear everywhere.

In the world of COINTELPRO, there are no useless idiots

That would be wrong.

I'm certain many useful idiots start out that way and at some point become useless idiots who are abolished.

I don't live in the world of COINTELPRO and I certainly don't absorb their words as truth. Quite the opposite.

If you believe what COINTELPRO tells you, I think you've got a problem.

I think the message is too short occurs when the reply is made inside the quote.

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