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Default Re: God and Jesus

Whatever disagreement I've had with Ahmed I understand to a point where he comes from. I think however Ahmed you use a sledgehammer to drive home a very subtle point.

Stop analysing endlessly and live a just life as best you can. No one say's this better than Jesus Christ. After all, God will look after it all, wont he? Why do you get so uptight and have to even come to this forum Ahmed if you're so sure of the fact that God is in control and we must do is submit?

You tell us to forget all this NWO stuff and simply relax and understand that it's all in Gods hands. If thats the case then there's no need for you to post here anymore.

God works through the hearts and minds of human beings. I would much rather go down the beach than sit and convert documentaries to web format. Something other than my selfish ego pushes me onto the net to discuss whats going on. Thats how God works.

You have many good things to say as do others. You are flawed as am I. However, I detect extreme arrogence in your views and a high degree of hyposcrisy. You cannot come out so strongly with your views while doing the opposite with your left hand.

If we want to pick the New Testament apart then we'd better start picking on a 1000 other ancient texts which do not come even close to the basic criteria for accuracy as does the Bible...time from the events to first printing, number of copies made and one other I cannot remember. The bible passes with flying colours.

From day dot people have been trying to undermine the New Testament...why not the ancient Hindu texts or the story of Buddah? Did'nt Buddah have sex with ten goats and beat and rape small children? No, but why not start a rumour for the heck of it.

People are so busy looking at details they fail to see the forest for the tree's.

Jesus Christ was at WORST a mortal man who had an experience of the divine at a young age. He integrated that experience into his life like no other human in history and gave his life for the truth. Not a bad effort.

At best the man who walked the Earth 2000 years ago was in fact the fully conscious incarnation of the Holy Spirit into human form. God became man to offer himself as a sacrifice to show just how much he loves us. Suffering the most unbearable pain we can imagine. I am profoundly moved by this thought.

I have been down every road from Carl Jung (who i still admire though fatally flawed) to the Eastern religions and even considered Islam...I have returned to my roots. I am a follower of Jesus Christ...often a very poor follower but doing my best.

Ahmed, just be and please stop preaching. Your all encompassing fundmentalism and fixation with a few numbers pale in vast comparison to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his compassionate word.

It works for me and have not the slightest inclination to try and convert anyone else.
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