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Default Re: Cindy MacCain???...

Cindy's father/mob ties

NYT Links Cindy McCain And Don Bolles Murder

by kravitz

Sat Aug 23, 2008 at 03:23:39 PM PDT

This is the most specific I've seen the New York Times come to linking Cindy Hensley McCain's father Jim Hensley to this horrific crime. Hensley, through his mob connections, has ties back to the death of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles.
I know our minds are elsewhere today, but there is a bigger picture to be watched.

<!-- polls come after this -->In their piece today on Cindy McCain's fortune, are three very important paragraphs...
"Back in Phoenix, he and his brother, Eugene, went into the liquor business with Kemper Marley, a businessman who had cornered much of the market in Arizona after Prohibition ended.
In March 1948, a federal jury convicted both Hensleys of concealing sales of black-market liquor. Jim Hensley’s six month sentence was suspended. A second indictment, in 1953 for falsifying records to evade taxes, was dismissed.
The Hensleys bought a New Mexico horse track in 1952. Eugene Hensley’s role at the track led to lawsuits, tax-evasion charges and prison. In 1969, he sold out to a mob-connected company with close ties to Mr. Marley, according to published reports. (The Phoenix police named Mr. Marley as the man they believed ordered the 1976 assassination of Don Bolles, an investigative reporter for The Arizona Republic. Mr. Marley, who died in 1990, was never charged.)"
So it may just be time to revisit this question.
McCain also lied at Saddleback when he said Cindy every met Mother Theresa.
"The latest embellishments come from the McCain camp. Cindy McCain has repeatedly referred to herself as an "only child." This week came news that she actually has two half sisters, although apparently she had very little contact with them...Mother Teresa was not at the orphanage when Cindy decided to bring the two girls home." The article does not clear up this fact.
McCain is hoping his supporters stay dumb, and don't have the time, will or knowledge to discover who he really is.
With the Biden attack ad, and the fact he is so quick to go negative, today he showed yet again he has no new ideas or reasons to be our president.
Well, the only way to deal with the junkyard bully is to kick his etc.
If you haven't read the whole piece, take another moment to do so. It's worth it.
For McCains, a Public Path but Private Wealth
Matt Welch on John McCain
Haunted By Spirits
Don Bolles Dies; Maimed Reporter
A Reporter's Death Puts a State on Trial
The anatomy of a reporter's murder; The investigators

Putting Heat on the Sunbelt Mafia
"As law-abiding citizens have flocked to the good life of the fabled Sunbelt, so too have mobsters. Mingling with the native criminals, they have combined the worst of both worlds: Joey Gallo in a Stetson. The rackets are flourishing, most visibly land fraud. Says Arizona's assertive attorney general, Bruce Babbitt: "We've been entranced by our own rhetoric about everyone's right to do his own thing. This is the last stronghold of totally free enterprise, good, bad or indifferent."
John McCain, Warts And All. A Look At The Candidate's Mob Ties
John McCain - Married To The Mob
From - The Arizona Republic.
Sen. McCain Wants To Be President
Brother: Wives handle McCain finances
"John McCain’s wife Cindy McCain takes the lead when it comes to the couples’ finances, confirmed Joe McCain, John's brother."
[Fixed a problem sentence. Can't fix her family's history though.]

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