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Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
O.k i take that back i was way too harsh on obama i would much rather the US to have its first Black president than some gun toting redneck loon women from hicksville whom would lead the world in www3. Plus her family cant keep the high moral values she expects of everyone else in regards to her daughter a true example of Republican hypocrisy. Whom ever is running the star spangled empire looks like the future belongs the the United States of Ordo Secularum bad news for all whether they realise it or not!.

Here are some links to show that Barack is a corrupt A-hole.

Tony Rezko
8 things you need to know about Obama, Rezko :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: The Watchdogs

Obama ties to terrorist

Wake up America: Barack Obama Dogged by Terrorist Ties

Obama vows to disarm America

B. Hussein Obama Vows to DISARM America's Military - Video - In his own words folks.

Obama Vows To Disarm America

If your not familiar with Chicago politics OZZIE, its the most corrrupt city in america, Obama is a product of that system.

Obamas brother he does'nt care about???

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