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Default Re: "The Fog Of War" Interviews with Robert McNamara. A must see!

Yeah, but why do they LET him shoot his mouth off? Others get killed;
suicided, "aggressive form of cancer", drug overdose - they poisoned
McCarthy for Chrissake. Why do they let him talk? Does he know he will
NEVER be tried for crimes against humanity and therefore is safe to
clear his conscience? YES. He would never do it otherwise! Do you
really think he would say these things if he knew he would get tried in
the Hague Tribunal (for war crimes committed by other than Americans
and Brits)? If he knew they'd execute him he would NEVER say the thing
he says now.
There's no question he's guilty. He says it himself: would they've lost
WW2 they would've been tried and convicted of war crimes. OF COURSE
he's guilty! They are guilty of of fire bombing Dresden as well,
killing between 120000 - 150000 German civilians 13 Feb 1945, but he
didn't say a peep about that, now did he? How come? If he wants to
clear his conscience, why not clear HIS WHOLE CONSCIENCE and not just a
little bit?

"3,600 British and U.S. airplanes launched over 650,000 incendiary
bombs and hundreds of 8,000 lb. and 4000 lb. bombs on the city of
Dresden. The pilots reported that smoke rose to a height of 15,000

"As for the death roll, the population, as we shall see, had been well
nigh doubled by a last-minute influx of refugees flying before the Red
Army; and even the German authorities -- usually so pedantic in their
estimates -- gave up trying to work out the precise total after some
35,000 bodies had been recognized, labeled and buried. We do know,
however, that the 1,250,000 people in the city on the night of the raid
had been reduced to 368,619 by the time it was over; and it seems
certain that the death roll must have greatly exceeded the 71,879 at
Hiroshima. Indeed, the German authorities were probably correct who, a
few days after the attack, put the total somewhere between 120,000 and

This was a REAL holocaust.

Is Kissinger looking over his shoulder? REALLY? I don't think Kissinger cares at all. He's been possessed by demons for such a long time he can't remember what "conscience" is. And he KNOWS he will get away with it.
He's like the Romanian killer Ceauscescu; totally flabberghasted and surprised right until the moment of his execution, that a thing like that could even happen to a "God" like him. Only difference is that nothing IS going to happen to him: Kissinger the NWO Killer/Pedophile/Rapist is going to die of old age as opposed to Ceauscescu the Puppet-of-the-NWO who got executed when he didn't follow the NWO script.
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