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Default Re: "The Fog Of War" Interviews with Robert McNamara. A must see!

I agree. He's probably a NWO man.

He constantly refers to "WE" must learn to stop killing each other. Perhaps his next line should be..."so give up the nation state and turn to a world government run by the U.N for safety".

Strange, can you remember ordering the destruction of Dresden or Tokyo? Can any of "us" remember starting a single war? How strange that "WE" must learn this when it is "THEY" who start them and send us off to die. What a complete ignorent fuck! McNamara is the epitamy of the sick, 'normal' beauracrat unwilling to face what he's done.

Who needs devils and swirling beasts of Satan when the evil we face comes in the form of kindly old men who were just doing what they were told.

Perhaps the Hague cut him a deal.."go all out for total disarmament and the end of the nation state and we'll not ask for your head ala, Milosovich/Kissinger".

May all like him rot in hell. He should repent. Break down and shed real tears of regret instead of the pathetic crocdile tears he sheds on occassion in the doco.

Maybe you're right Drak, on reflection it's probably all part of the plan to sell the NWO. In fact as I type it seems blatently so.

Still, i guess they cant kill everyone instantly. Maybe he's just an old fart trembling at the thought of death and judgement.
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