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Default Re: God and Jesus

I still say Ahmed that it's possible God incarnated into human form 2000 years ago and performed miracles to show his divinity.

It works for me. Whats wrong with it? When I take to heart the word of Christ I am listening to the word of God. Whats the problem?

I dont have a great love for Billy Graham but he said something once that made me understand Christ better.

He used the example of a human looking down on an ant hill. We're too huge and powerful to get immediately down into the lives of the ants so we would have to incarnate into 'their' world, down to 'their' size.

I agree with you that it's hard to imagine God, the creator of the vast and infinite Universe. Hence God incarnated as a human being at a time when there was a need for the word of great compassion in a hard and heartless world. Obviously there still is.

I take to heart your views when applying it to the Catholic church and the GROSS idolatorious worship of that scum called the Pope. I like many aspects of the Catholic faith but it has been totally usurped by the scum of the Earth as have most organised religion. Their love of Saints so on and so forth gives merit to your writing.

I dont believe this applies to Christ.

As for the coming months and years. God will act through the hearts and minds of fallible yet decent people to remove the scum that we have let reign over us for so long. As it's always been. I do not believe God will punish anyone, Satan worshipping power lovers with high tech weaponary are already doing that.

A new age is dawning and like all change it will be painful. I agree with alot of what you say.

I dont want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The 'story' of Christ shows us that though we may suffer heavily, bearing our cross and speaking the truth amongst so much lies and deceit, God promises we shall rise again. Renewed with hope and the life force. Ready to face all the dissapointment again and with each failure we grow stronger, more tolerent and more compassionate. Realising that we are a community of sinners struggling to find meaning in a world that wants to crush the human spirit and reverse the concept that we are all created in the image of God and are worthy of life and respect.

All God wants is to be remembered every now and then. A small price to pay but refused by many.

In that i'm sure we agree.
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