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Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Regardless, Obama will, along with Feinstein(CA),Boxer(CA) Schumer(NY) Kennedy(MA) and the rest of the gun control skunks in Congress Disarm America, Hillary Clinton by comparison, is conservative compared to this Obama creature, Obama is even more dangerous than McCain to civil liberties, just look at all the info he has REFUSED to answer about his "backers."

Are you kidding me?

Do you watch or read anything you post before you post it?

I'm not defending any of our politicians, but to post something that is completely FALSE is not what you should be doing if you are, in fact, a conspiracy theorist who seeks to impart the TRUTH about our corrupt government.

You posted a youtube link wherein the title states that Obama will disarm the US military and HE NEVER SAID THIS.
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