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Default Guidelines for religious posts ?

I believe we need here some guidelines about this preaching and religious matters. Ahmad, you work in this forum as an "agent provocateur". Whenever you see an opportunity, you bombard the thread with posts, you bury other people`s messages with cut and pasting two pages of the Quram and you never address the issue at hand. This leads to nothing.

I think we should stay at the points beings discussed. It is impossible not to discuss religion when we talk about Conspiracy, but it should be focused on the issue being discussed. If people want more details, they can PM you and ask for it.

We would like, for example, to understand what is the position of Muslims about the New World Order, or how the NWO is affecting daily life in Muslim countries. This would be something of interest to all. Someone explaining what Christians think about the NWO and how Revelation talks about it would also be an interesting thread. Same for Hindus, etc. Maybe I don`t AGREE with their views, but at least the issue would be pertinent to this Conspiracy forum.

But pushing your views over and over out of context, cutting and pasting large portions of your holy texts is not an honest approach.

Other people are guilty of the same error. See how this thread was started: church people are idolaters because they belive in Jesus Christ. Come on, what is the relevance of this is a conspiracy forum ? The person doing this only wanted to vent his hatred of Christians. Not a constructive thing.

Let's try to expose concisely what we believe and let it be. If others want to believe, that`s fine, if not, that`s their problem. I am a Christian myself, but I believe that my words by themselves will never be enough to convert anyone. God does that. Therefore, rambling and rambling won`t do any good to anyone.
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