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Default Re: God and Jesus

I can dig it.

Christ still works for me.

Westerners in general should not try to take on the clothes of the East and make them fit. I am a Westerner and can never take on the passivity of the East.

Christ was both, feminine and recieving as well as chasing scum from the temple and preaching with masculine clarity.

It gets down to what fits for the individual. Certainly, i cant argue with the premise of your post Drak.

When i had just turned 22 (1992) i had a horrible thing happen. I was distraught for 2 weeks. Finally i accepted the inevitable and felt a degree of peace.

I had been given the job of unloading a pile of firewood from a trailor. It had been sitting their for 2 weeks while I recovered my senses. While I travelled back and forth from the trailor to the backyard a sudden feeling of complete peace came over me. It was like being on Morphine but far more intense.

In this sudden state i realised I was the entire universe. I was and always had been EVERYTHING for all time. I could count my red blood cells. I could 'feel' myself in every cell of my body. I knew that all disease was an expression of an ego ignoring the signals of the body, of 3 billion years of evoloution.

This intense experience lasted for 10 minutes and gradually trailed off over 2 hours.

It was a divine visitation. Christ Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness. Transcendence. Experienced by many throught time. A direct experience of the 'numinous'. The 'Golden World'.

It took me 10 years to become stable again after that experience. You are never the same again. In a 'dry' Western world there are little places to turn. In the East it is accepted. Luckily, as fate would have it, i had a mentor who knew the experience well.

I knew then that we were all 'splinters of the God head'. Truly we were ALL children of God. So yes Ahmed, I agree with you on many things.

For a time I had no need of Christ or even God. After all...I WAS GOD. A dangerous place to be.

After a time I came to marvel at the fact that Christ was indeed the PERFECT VESSEL for the divine experience. He integrated that experience. Took it in his stride. That is amazing.

He was totally conscience of his divine origens. He was much further advanced than any Eastener who has not developed fully the conscious state but is still caught in the garden of Eden.

I dont have much time for 'Hindu Masters'. They usually turn out to be paedophile, bisexual heathens. Well documented.

Whatever works for the individual. Christ works for me.
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