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Default Re: Jew Bashing here... BA, Roscoe, Ozziecynic,Henry Makow, Barbara. and yes the ever

When Christians Judge Jews...By a certain standard they are condemned(the Christian standard)...That the world might(most likely not) be saved.So please Judge ye make this too.....EZ. Judge ye not...ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!(eye for an eye if ya know what I mean)

God is a single entity that prophets and thier followers have tried to DISECT into nuggets when they did not even have ranch dressing yet. Illuminati...enlightened ones.....don't let these rodents(HOLY ROLLERS and "Let me quote that" bloggers) pester you away. They are Goyim...nothing else. GOD LIVES....HE IS WITHOUT A NAME."I AM THAT I AM,,,,THERE IS NONE ELSE". An enlightened one will obviously see past the christian'Jesus is God' BS and WAKE UP to a higher understanding at which point the dumb asses(Holier than thou's) try and single the enlightened ones out. There is a sickness behind being a saved christian..,It has to do with...judging others!

God well as the O.W.N. to: live is evil when you are dislexic...why stop short of this conspiracy....when there is no....conspiracy? The only evil is the BLAME in which they create when they point thier own finger. They can sit on that finger! They (the self righteous MF's)are Godless...wanna be ...saints!"I went to church" they say. This is as manifest as a boy wearing a mask on halloween(or girl)

God made all that is...even DRAMA! Pull your heads out and start praying to God,,,not some dead dude on a cross. Get real. I would be pissed at you too...If I were God! He will conquer the wicked ...with one stroke...It is a promise...not a conspiracy...that ye all get 'Marked' like sheep for thinking you know it all when you do not.

Bow down to God, and serve the chosen few as if you were owned servants. This would be honorable of you to do...and may save your life.

That or ye can starve to really is up to you! Without the World citizen national ID, YOU ARE SCREWED! This is unfolding in front of your eyes. What are ya gonna do? Chat? LMAO...Go get it over with! Volunteer for RFID implanting of the household. This could help you from being a victim of stupidity~
"They aint tagging me". I am sure many will say that without faith! We will have to see if there is any reason to fear what is to come. Too many have no clue and the answer lies within a blatant lie:

"For surely ye shall not die...Your eyes will be opened like Gods(Christians)".

If this is not wool ...what is?! If you think you have to die to get to heaven then be my guest! No tears here...shit happens! of organic intuition...I would bet! I feel like a farmer now!
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