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Default Re: An interesting perspective & insight on the Large Hadron Coll

The average citizen is everything and anything but a thinker. A worker, a drunk, an addict, a lunatic, but rarely a thinker.

And so the Illuminati have a lot of seemingly happy cows. Good cows, obedient cows. And these people really are basically cattle. Now the Christian disciple who has been enlightened will have a desire to freely share with the world this enlightenment so all the world may gradually become a better, happier, more liberated, more responsible, more unified, more loving, more productive world. The Christian works toward the restitution of all creation. And in a rectified world, greed does not exist because everyone has everything. And if one does not have something it is given.

In real Christianity elitism does not exist, because everyone is a King and a Priest. There are no haves and haves not when everyone is exalted. There is One Head over the Church and this is the Annointed. And He is the Great Shepherd of the Sheep. And yet even the Son of Man, the Logos himself exalted all His Apostles and Disciples to his station. He called them brothers, sisters, mothers.

Now one will not know the meaning of tradgedy until one realizes what the world could have been and SHOULD be in Truth. It could have been that very Crystal Planet. In reality it IS that Crystal Planet. And the Annointing of the Annointed is Man's true Crown.

Man is a King. EVERY man was made to be a King. ALOHIM is a King, and so he made man a King as well.

But alas the division and ignorance of sin came in and has come in. And so it is not surprising to see utter fools in positions of absolute power and kings begging on street corners. This is how backward the world really is. And one must think daily whether one's actions are done in the Light or in the Darkness.

For example, taking a wife that one loves and is faithful toward in the bedroom chamber and making love to her to both are somewhere floating over the promised land and orbitting in some cosmic orgasm with the sun moon and stars becoming more and more unified in oneness, this is the CHRISTIAN idea of sex and is positive and of Life.

Sitting in front of a computer, punching in a credit card number so that one may see a street whore from TAILAND getting nailed by 5 Africans, and masterbating to such, well, you see, that is completely empty. There's no production in that. Nothing creative. Nothing even really orgasmic. And orgasm in the real sense requires two people, not one.

But that is just one example of how dumbfoundingly warped our world is today.
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