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Default Re: An interesting perspective & insight on the Large Hadron Coll

Occultism is what Illuminati practice. And occultism has nothing to with with great mystery or depth, or esoteric wisdom. Occultism is just the outer husk, the exoteric cover, the shell surrounding truth.

Basically if one will sit and think awhile about all the problems of the world and them flip them back over on their heads and stand them up, one will find the solutions to just about every problem that exists.

But for some reason the Illuminati 'scares' people. It's not that people necessarily like them or like being controlled, they are simply scare of the boogie man. And Illuminati play the best boogie man they can. And yet even this fear when exposed to the Light of Day melts almost instantly.

Well this fear is mostly what attracts people to the Illuminati. They have a seemingly powerful auraole. All of these symbols and what not, you know. They they are good at attracting their flies. And most people decide to become flies because they never realized they could have become a butterfly and more.

I blaim the churches here too quite a bit. If they were all combined in unity of truth they could topple the Illuminati in about one day. Seriously, it would be as easy as blowing down a house of cards. The Illuminati are tinfoil. There's no substance to them.

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