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Default Re: COINTELPRO is Winning

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
Cointelpro is dead and buried that was back in the 1960S black ghettoes of US cities. It was mainly an FBI strategy against groups like the black panthers and marxist groups even US nazis.
Maybe the project with that name was buried, but the idea behind it is very much alive. Undercover agents in dissident political movements, conspiracy theorist groups and even Internet forums are very common and this is one of the main techniques for rendering movements harmless.

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
It no longer exists its pure fantasy Ive seen this worthless slander used on all conspiracy forums to discredit other posters not just cc. When i went Alex Joneses Prisonplanet it was the same! When when I went to David Ickes forum same Illuminati net same , Three World wars same, all these forums too we have these nut jobs like OTB claiming we are all disnfo agents except for himself.
I'm not claiming everyone besides myself is a disinfo agent. Stop putting words in my mouth. I'm just saying there there are disinfo agents among conspiracy theorists. It would be extremely naieve to believe that the oposite.
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