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Default Re: Invitation to our myspace page.

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
I see what you are doing here now. However my question relates to your past posting persona history in the good ole heyday of cc remeber with TB and Mary Poppins,Rushdoony,Sec, BA was still there and Draken the Hungarian fascist or maybe he is still here in the guise of OTB maybe you are TB in new postal reincarnation your posts have the same style and sense of humour to the old TB.
I suppose now that Sir Henrys no longer about you can post whatever shite you please. I do admit cc was getting kind of overly bizzare there for a while which is why i took a long breather however as you see I am also back with original username still intact. And too think someone like OTB calls me a cc veteran of some repute a cointelpro agent the arrogance of the entity 400 odd posts as opposed to below fifty arrogant bastard ay.
I disagree, but that's okay.

Don't think he's TB.
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