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Default Re: COINTELPRO is Winning

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post

Is it arrogant to accept reality?

Not everyone is a dumbass, as you seem to believe they are.

It's actually the other way around. I stopped accepting ANYTHING as truth from ANY source when I was 17 and decided to do my own research on EVERYTHING from that time onward. Currently, I only accept something when my own research confirms it. That makes it almost impossible to be indoctrinated.

You might be researching using the books they published for YOU.

Tell me : why are you a Christian other than people raising you as one?

Indoctrination and at some point when one matures, they use their own free will to decide what they choose to accept and what they choose to leave behind.

You're funny...
As I said, I don't accept COINTELPRO's words as you described:


Useful idiots do not always remain useful. At some point, they become USELESS idiots! They are used up and spit out.

Did you learn about COINTELPRO's MO for useful idiots from their handbook?

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