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Default Re: Some Details about the Amero Coins

But there is good news. The true Sun of Rectification is arising once more. And yet a little while longer must we endure this whore and mechanical beast. The Illuminati and all of their works are even now on a one way colision course with Perdition itself.

And you can bank on that one.

So I suggest that everyone use this time and their resources to figure out just exactly what you believe and what it is that you will do when the whole thing comes crashing down around you.

Because it's going to. And it's going to be sooner rather than latter. And I am no chicken little telling you that the sky is falling. The sky really is falling this time. I never wanted to be a prophet of doom. It was just the times I was born in, and I had a choice to make. And perhaps it would not have effected me this way if I had a church to work in. But you see, they have taken all the women. The elders are fools. The fathers care not the sons, nor the sons for the fathers. And so you see, there are none left who understand.

Yes, there is a remnant, but who holds the flame and torch of spirit of liberation and prophecy?

I know none.

And when there is no Vision, the people perish even as they are.

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