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Originally Posted by FreedomFighter View Post
Everyone's life is rapidly evolving more stressfull, in every aspect of life things are getting worse, but why? Start focussing on the changes that will happen in 2012, and try to look beyond...
Here's a link to a website with over 300 hours over docu's & vids on the Nazi-NWO, Illuminati; CIA-Projects, 2012, Hidden Messages In Water & Even A Chill-Out, For You To Smoke One After All You've Seen On The Docu's & Try To Relax & Chill . . .
Peace & Blessings To All You TruthSeekers
Check It Out Here

Say NO To The NWO!! | Are You Ready To WAKE UP??
If every one's life is getting worse and our lives are going to get even more worse after 2012, why should we look beyond?

Do you offer hope?

A chill-out to smoke one after we've seen the documentaries, you say.


You mean the stuff the CIA peddles and laces with all kinds of unknown substances to alter brain chemistry?

There are hidden messages in WATER?

Try explaining that one, will you?

Bet you can't.

Probably been smokin' too much of that stuff you chill out on.

Is there some reason why you don't contain all of your redundant messages into ONE THREAD?
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