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Default Re: Jew Bashing here... BA, Roscoe, Ozziecynic,Henry Makow, Barbara. and yes the ever

Answer #1. I don't have to worry about that one. There was a good reason why i was chipped...And i will declair...because no one in this country can go where I went....and there is more to this story than you think. Only Christians fear the chip. Why do you fear OTB? Are you affraid of what is to come? They like that.(they=Those who are not the chosen). Don't choke on the hype that JESUS started.
#2. Disasterous because THEY refused the chip. God warns that a King will rule...not a Rabbi...and he will be spit upon and he comes from the pit. Jesus did not have them(pit) Ballz! Jesus can't save anyone. It is pure fantasy that has never /nor ever will hold water.

A conspiracy is like EVE going against God s word and enticing Adam.
A coup is that God is within the satan and catches the bitch red handed!(advice: God made all and is the only one...thus satan is an illusion-not a god. (and Gods way to see all)

And...Everyone is being duped.. They are to blame for thier own stupidity.

All in all...the chip was placed by is in Hebrew(the reasoning)...thus the reason they do not understand..Because they are sure it is Jesus...(yet he is dead) It could be you!(i know it is not though)
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