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Post Re: Jew Bashing here... BA, Roscoe, Ozziecynic,Henry Makow, Barbara. and yes the ever

Well they won't chip me without paying dearly...lets hope they are friends and it was a favor.
The chip will only be for goys/gentiles. Yids like you wont have to accept one,however you already know that your just playing ignorant.

and why are you against such things as a jewish rabbi? How about a KING instead? Your a F%#$&ing retard
Frankly i couldnt give a dam about the jewish distinctions between there lay clergy and theirs kings its ballony to me. For someone that accuses me of being a retard the majority of your posts are in pidgin english and hardly legible its not looking good for you!.Yes in answer to why no jews would post in here and why you are(ghetto village idiot) is a pretty good indication of what your community thinks of you!.Your doing a pretty good job of spilling the beans to all of us goys which couldnt be impressing the sabbatean leaders much.

Let me ask OZZIE...
you say leave me alone then next day your back for more. YOUR A TWIT AND A JEW BASHER! You just wanted confirmation didn't you?
That particular point was addressed to OTB not to you! Why not pay attention instead of getting things wrong all the time or sticking your hook in where its not needed.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.

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