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Default Re: "The Fog Of War" Interviews with Robert McNamara. A must see!

Hmm Draken, my impression is that McNamara just isn't/wasn't in the loop. He may be/was in CFR but I think he bought into things, and was not an orchestrator. By admitting his war crimes I think he is saying that God will serve him the judgement since society hasn't. Of course he may be really evil, but I suspect that those folks are not showing their faces.

I think one of your links ( that I read a while ago goes into detail of how McNamara during the Vietnam would be handed a dossier minutes before he would present it to Kennedy by some secret shadow government. The ratical site says it's the CIA, but it's probably Rockefeller inspired (Standard Oil - see links how Vietnam war was to scout oil deposits off Vietnam)

McNamara says that he was pulled from academia to go into business and then pulled into the Kennedy cabinet, and so I think this could be the case. Even though he was a very smart guy capable of rationalizing on his feet the deeds that were done in his name, he was not (apparently) of the elite. His story is that he came from a poor family and was very competitive scholastically. As Henry says today about a University prof in the UK, McNamara was probably a "useful idiot".

Maybe at this point he is just telling all he knows (on the Vietnam war), and as for nuclear disarmament - like any of the Commie goals/ dialectic stuff there's an element of truth. Nuclear abolition is the only sane way forward for humanity. Let's see the Communists/Rockefellers do it! Call their bluff.
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