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Originally Posted by FreedomFighter View Post
My Dearest Blue Angel, You don't have to diss me like this, I'm sorry. Yes, I like to smoke one, don't forget, it's a medicinal plant which used in many ancient cultures, so don't bull-shit me on that one. Messages in water is something you would have understood when you would have read or checked out proparly, I think it's easy for you to say something negative about something you don't know shit about... Anyway, The Truth Will Set Us Free, but you still seem very self-centered, in conflict with your ego & the dualism between mind & body, so I can imagine moving up on a more spiritual level in 2012 will be too hard for you to imagine now, simply because you don't know half of what is to come. And if there's one thing redundant, than it is your negative criticism, because all I'm interested in, is helping people gain more knowledge, to understand the broader picture of things. Is offering knowledge to people who are looking for it a redundant & selfish deed? I think not !
I'm not dissing you and certainly I'm not YOUR dearest BlueAngel.

You said there are messages in the water.

I don't smoke weed, so therefore, I don't know what messages in the water means.

Bullshit you on what?

That you smoke weed and refer to it as a medicinal plant?

It's not medicinal.

Any idea what they lace it with cause you're certainly not living in ancient times before the CIA didn't have control of it.

Since you know what messages in the water means, and I don't and most everyone else who reads this site doesn't, please explain it.

I don't have time to read everything and since many people provide links to their sites and they are more knowledgeable than the rest of us in what they offer on their sites, I don't think THEY should have a problem in answering simple questions.

What do you mean I still seem?

You're a new poster here, aren't you, or are you someone who has posted here before under a different user name?

You certainly have no authority in deciding anything about my mind, body or soul.

My criticism is constructive, not negative.

Like I said, you could contain the same message in one thread.

Sure, helping people gain knowledge is great.

That's why I asked you to explain what messages are in the water.

Please do so.


Otherwise, as so many others, you appear to be a hit and run type of poster.

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