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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Nice analogy, but planets aren't living, breathing entities.

The solar system encompasses many planets, but each one is unto themselves.

They aren't SPLIT.

If they were, the system wouldn't be UNIFIED.
I think that this is a good observation of you, BA. A truly split personality, or a disociative 'split' within the Ego may be identified by some clues in language of the patient. For example, real disociation happens when the patient begins speaking in terms of himself and 'they'. And then begins acting out 'they' without remembering having done so. This marks real 'alters' within a person, real 'split' personalities.

Albeit, if the healthy Ego expands to realize and encorporate all its componant attributes, traits, 'facets' in the We consciousness, this is neither a 'split' nor disociation. Both I and We are in the First Person, and if the I is also implied within the various 'planets' of the We, then one has become One with Himself in I and We.

This might manifest itself if Emma were to tell me how attracted she is to me and that she wishes that we could go have fine wine at a 5 star restaurant and then go to a Vivaldi concert and spend the rest of the evening walking under the moonlit sky on the beach making small talk with one another and french kissing slowly all evening while the warm waves washed over our wet bodies. Then, in that case a certain Venusian trait or quality in myself may rush to the forefront instead of this quite Mercurial 'I' that you are now witnessing in front of you.

Now see how nifty all that is? The difference between genius and insanity is not necessarily multiplicity in the I with We, it is the failure to incorporate all of one's traits properly. If one does not incorporate one's attribute in spirit and ordered harmonics, then one might manifests shadows traits and see them as 'they' instead of 'we'. In this case you might have traits of rage, or murder, or one may become a rapist, or a theif, or even a gangsta rapper.


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