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Default Re: 9/11: Distinguishing The Propaganda From The Smoking Guns

Information that is not verifiable, but written as fact by the DA's on the Internet is passed along by their foot soldiers on sites such as CC.

It's interesting to me how when you directly ask someone who posts as fact that the controllers have exotic weaponry that can replace oil and gas, what exotic weaponry and how can it replace oil and gas, you are told to read the information contained in the link provided.

Ah, jeez, couldn't they just sum it up in a paragraph or two?

I mean, we all don't have time to read every link posted on this site.

Do I have to click another link?

Why not attempt COMMUNICATION?

If they are certain, without a doubt, as to what they post, why not just answer the question instead of referring us to another link written by another person on the internet who claims this and that and whom we don't know from a hole in the ground?

The same with Freedom Fighter.

Asked him what messages are in the water and, again, I'm referred to his site.

Certainly, a paragraph or two could explain it.

They're just passing along information that they either believe is true, but can't put into words what they claim and, therefore, refer us to a link/site or because they're here passing along disinformation from DA's that they have posted on the net.

Dropping bombs.

Hit and run, as I said.

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