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Default Re: The Illuminati: Keeping it all in the Family; OBAMA AND CHENEY ARE DISTANT COUSI

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
You believe your mind is free, but it is not.

This poster has the audacity to tell me that I believe my mind is free, but it is not. I assume he would tell us that his mind is free, no doubt.

Indeed, it doesn't. Most people remain largely indoctrinated. At most, they just replace one belief system by another one.

The definition of the word "freedom" is not obvious. I know for sure that what you regard as freedom sounds like tyranny to me and vice versa.

He also has the audacity to state that he KNOWS FOR SURE that what I regard as freedom sounds like tyranny to him and vice versa.

Obviously, he knows ME better than I KNOW MYSELF.

Go figure.

Here is an example of a posting when I receive the message that the "message is too short."

As you see, my comments are all contained within the quote and the system doesn't recognize that I've responded, I guess, unless I comment outside of the quote/underneath.
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