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Default Re: Pedophiles in the music industry: R'Kelly

Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
not the music industry, however ...

Edward James Olmos has been accused of it. I used to have a client who was friends with "Dawn's" mother. The story is that Bracco was going to film Medicine Man (with Sean Connery) and was taking her family with her on location. Since her daughter and "Dawn" were friends and Bracco didn't want her daughter to be lonely during filming she asked "Dawn"'s mother if she could make the trip with her. I do believe there are other incidences with this same child as well.

In the end Bracco/Olmos wound up giving "Dawn"'s mother a large sum of money, and she opened up a business with it.

Also, go ahead and try googling this story, it is almost impossible to find anything. IMO it's a pretty big deal, why is he even getting hired?
You ask, "why is he still getting hired?

Because he makes money for them.
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