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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Flourine (and Fluride which is the flurine ion) is an atom fluroxetine found in prozac is a complex molecule that has fluride atoms attached.

Roscoe, your doubts about flouride are meaninless as flourine bonds with calcium to form a protective coating on the teeth.

Don't listen to garbage told to you by the ignorant attempting to keep you in check through fear.

By your assumptions and reasoning, you should stop breating because there is an oxygen atom in alcohol and therefore it will make you drunk.

Worse, there is oxygen and hydrogen atoms in water, so therefore water will also make you drunk.

If you have anxiety over toothpaste then prehaps you do indeed need to take prozac.
Oh, I see.

Don't worry about flouride and its' pacifying effects and GOD only knows what else, take their drug PROZAC instead.

You see, flouride in small doses as we use to brush our teeth is harmless, but everyday for all of our lives.

Think about that!
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