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Default The end of "Anti-Semitism" ???

State department directive # blah, blah, blah....have any of you imbeciles noticed how many HACK ATTACKS are going on against any persons, and websites that are heavily "anti-semitic" no matter that the phrase is totally stupid to begin with as JEWS are not semitic people, ARABS are. anyway, if your infantile minds cannot comprehend what's going on, it means the ZHIDS r planning on attacking IRAN soon, no JEW truth allowed in the preceeding days, weeks, months ahead.

NOTE: I know of at least half a dozen websites and another 5 0r six individual bloggers postings and websites, that I know of, that are down from hacks, (mossad, CIA, Mil. gov) possibly this site also, as I cannot post u-tube videos and the whole website looks deformed, maybe that OLD/NEW YID spamming here is doing it??? the biggest one being Liberty forum, yet again???



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