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Default Re: "The Fog Of War" Interviews with Robert McNamara. A must see!

Vietnam is tapping into that field from land and doing well with Russian deep drilling help.

There is oil EVERYWHERE.

AUSTRALIA and AFRICA are ABSOLOUTLY, POSITIVELY swimming in the stuff. Kept aside in the controlled cartel world of oil.

A giant/HUGE gas field is being opened up on the West coast of Oz near a town called Carnarvon. It is well south of the already online GIGANTIC fields of the North WEST of Oz.

I tell you, Ruppert and his peak oil ilk are so full of twaddle it's not funny.

When i repeat his stuff to people in the game they break into fits of laughter.

Who can say with McNamara. In the end he was a close confidant of Kennedy and was instramental in writing up the NSAM getting the troops out before being stopped by Johnson after the assassination.

As for nukes? We hav'nt had a world war for 60 years. Lets keep em. Or maybe with such dangerous things we'll need a one world government to administer them as "WE" are so dangerous and start all these wars.

What a scam. THIS, you damn Commie Kanadian! :-D

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