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Default Re: Looks like it's showdown time with both Iran and Irak

Who writes this twaddle at the world net daily?

I take it Terri can only distract for a while so it's time to mobilise the fleet and get the people talking about war real quick.

"Wag The Dog"

It seems the Washington handlers bark their commands and the people respond. War WARWARWARWARWARWARWARWAR...

Iranians hate the Mullahs and hate the U.S government even more. To say their will be an invasion of Syria, Lebanon or Iran is sheer, unadulterated fantasy.

A few bombs thrown around to keep Jeff Gannon off the front pages for awhile.

Perhaps a covert op to blame a WMD attack on Iran giving an excuse to Nuke them.

NO major attack on U.S soil but a nice economic collapse will do the trick anyway.
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