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Default Re: Multi-culturalism - purposely meant to fail?

G'Day Thumper.

Australia was the first and biggest experiemnt with mutli culturalism.

Australia is one of 7 places in the world where many new NWO activities are first tried.

On the whole you could say it was a success. But how could it not? We are only 20 million in a gigantic land of plenty.

Australians are generally very tolerent which is'nt hard when there's plenty of work and food. I'm sure the same effects of a diverse range of restaurants could have been attained without the need for specific 'multi culturalism'.

I might add that in Sydney and Melbourne things are getting a little heated. Parts are completely dominated by Lebanese and other Muslim countries. I would'nt mind but they are incredibly arrogent to the country that has given them their home.

Still, many Italians who have been here for generations are just as bad.

We have a new phenomena as well in the form of rapes by Africans...mostly students. All these white girls seem hard to resist. Hard to tell if it's a continuing trend.

Of course their are all the ethnic groups drug dealing. No one complains about the WASP drug dealing though.

The coppers get upset about the ethnic dealing mainly because the ethnics will not play ball with them and become Criminal Informants unlike many of the WASPS. Especially the Motorcycle gangs who are the biggest police informents of all.

I definately believe the U.S is being deliberately undermined using immigration. Thats the whole game. To destroy the U.S Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Sow social discord and create chaos. Destroy the family unit and usher in a Police State.

Australia is being kept for the NWO Elite from the U.s/Europe and elswhere so we wont see to much chaos here. Just plenty of paedophile rings and slavery...the usual stuff that follows the NWO Elite.
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