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Default Re: COINTELPRO is Winning

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
Still dont get it do you, read my previous post again!. As for having a lower post rate than yours thats exactly the way I want it to be. Would you seriously believe i had no life to the point where i posted as frequently as say BA or our up and coming ascended master(you) I wouldnt have a life worth oxygen nuh mate some of us have to earn a living try it sometime.

Infact expect even a lower post rate in future as i decided cc hasnt changed at all from the last time I was here well over year ago, same as ever pretty poor quality posters and troublemakers only thing thats changed is the pseudonyms and for all i know there still all the same characters. So i will be not posting at all very shortly so then you can try your cointelpro shite on others as you have deadset failed in my case and always would!.
I do have a life and, as you see, I've been a member since 2005, so my daily post count really isn't that high.

Not that it matters, anyway, because THIS is part of my life.
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