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Default Re: PALIN as Vice President

RedRat said:

Note: BA is a DEMOCRAT PARTY OPERATIVE, and dumb, she wants government to FIX ALL PROBLEMS, because she is part of the problem.


What is the deal with people who spew LIES about me and so much other CRAP that they post on this board?

You'd think I was a politician or something.

They do exactly what they say they detest about the controllers.


Oh, yes, I always write about HOW I believe our CORRUPT government should fix everything, cause they're not corrupt and have the people's best interest at heart and not their own interests, don't I now?

Dumb is one thing I'm not, honey and I certainly don't work for and/or support any party except the People's Party!

The one I think I'll place my name on for candidacy to the Oval Office.

Really, I'm part of the problem?

What problem would that be?
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