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Default Re: An interesting perspective & insight on the Large Hadron Coll

Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
Mate... I have not put this in my misconceptions page, (click 'Disagree?' at the bottom of )

- The Illuminati, FreeMasons, Scull & Bones, & all these groups are there so people will point the finger at one or two of them, & not realize that all these groups, the banking system & most religions were CREATED by the same force to carry the Reptillian agenda through the ages, while people blame the wrong things, although the Illuminati & Bilderbergers DO have power behind the scenes... But the true cause of this is that we are living on a Planet that was invaded by the Drakos, & have been manipulating us ever since... - Life is all over the Universe, & there are EVIL predators out there, in addition to beings that wish to help, for if these creatures gain too much power in the Universe, they are a threat to other Earth-like Planets.

--- Don't call me crazy until you have read 'The Biggest Secret' , Or the Reptillian Research archives.
Don't be fooled by Lucifer as this is just another means of him leading us, the Goyim astray.
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