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Default Re: Relgion and the NWO

Originally Posted by d0od View Post
Divide and conquer is one of the most successful tactics for take over.

Religions alone have provided most of the reasons for wars/fights/suspicion between peoples.

In the west, this has been most successful within Christianity itself - how many denominations all fighting between each other?!

It's of no insignificance that most of the christian religions are pretty much dubious fronts for money and drugs. From the nazi money smuggling via the catholic church to the continued profiting of Christian organizations from 'sin'.

Chrisitanity is, most likely, one massive hoax - with a book written hinting at the oncoming "plan" so that it would seem 'spot on' and 'relevant'. Lets not forget that Christianity rewrote large swathes of history and as a result took power of monarchy's and governemnts. Lets face it, it still controls the US government - you can't elected if you're not some holy god fearing right winger.

As such, the rules and devisions that christianity wanted set out - to distract us - were just put in the 'book': gay rights, feminism, abortion... I mean, everything in the book is vauge and non-commitial and as such could be used by both sides of an argument... both alligned to the book regardless, but too busy fighting and arguing over petyy, trivial things to notice the ever increasing power the NWO has taken.

Lets face it, if you want to steal someones wallet - you distract them.

I am put off stuff regarding the NWO when it's hi0jacked by right wing fundamnetalists who are more liekly to have been manipulated by the NWO then any others. After all, the NWo wants a facisit state and facism is right wing... what better way to prepare a facist state. The 'Christian Taliban' that has the minds and hearts of the US population is merely just a less visible (to those in it's shadow) extension of the NWO and their intentions.

Over here in Europe, where we're not god fearing, we're far more aware and critical of when NWO -type plans are put into place.

We vote down the Eu constitution - twice. The Eu leaders are going to try again.

We protest in our millions against the Iraq war - but our leaders take us in anyway....

The list goes on...
You're barking way up the wrong tree, in fact it's just another opinion rather than anything based on research and fact.

Check out the link below it will lead you to the rest of the links, this might fill in some answers for you and lead you on another quest.

YouTube - Walter Veith--The Islamic Connection Part 1
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