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Default Re: Multi-culturalism - purposely meant to fail?

Yes true, but look what happened to that bald guy over in Europe a couple of years ago...what was it? Fontain or something. A low level right winger/fascist shot to death.

The key with lots of immigration and different ethnic groups is that you break down strong ties between people. Divide and conquore. They want to make a seething disjointed mass who owes no allegience to King and Country and can be manipulated this way and that and also set against each other as a distraction. Also any reason for a police state will do and ethnic tensions and an economic breakdown will provide that.

Who needs terrorism when you can collapse an economy and cause massive unrest you can only fix with a Police State crackdown.

It is my belief all this war and 'terrorism' is just the lead up to an economic collapse in the U.S. With even the possibility of U.N troops on the street.

Killing off the U.S Constitution is paramount to the NWO masters.

I guess in a way i agree. Anything that fosters discontent and breaks down social bonds will be encouraged. Then with the coming chaos we will see a Command and Control government in place. Be it fascist/socialist the result will be the same.

In Europe I believe it will be UNDOUBTABLY socialist in nature. It already is. No where in the world are so many technologies designed for surveillence going in. Draconian laws. "The Hate Crime". Europe is the home of the whole little shebang. They love their socialism in Europe.

They've been so traumatised by war they'll take anything that gaurantee's no more unrest.
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