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Arrow Re: new world order (commandments)

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
Why would any of these have to be Democrat alterations. I think the so called Rightwingers of the western world are doing the job of destroying christian values just fine without the democrats only difference seems to be that the Right wingers parade family values, good christian morals officially etc in party policy while not actually following their own creed in private!. Most of the freemasons etc..are conservatives not leftwingers they pull strings they have to be the ruling class especially in a nation like the US, common sense really.
there is no TRUE CONSERVATIVES in the Ruling elite class of America, get it right, Conservatism, is different in America it seems to your country Ozzie, a true conservative politian is against all those things you mentioned, there are politicians who are social conservatives, and liberal on fiscal economics, there are conservatives who are fiscal conservatives, but liberal on social programs, and then there are 'far right wing nuts' which you seem to think are the corrupt element of conservatism, that's not right, most FAR RIGHT WING NUTS, your term used, are opposed to the NWO, OPPOSED TO ABORTION, AND GUN CONTROL, AND AGAINST liberal economics, most are protectionists, and anti-free trade nation destroying policies. this notion you have that conservatives have done what democrats have'nt as far as destroying moral values is somewhat not correct, as they are not TRUE CONSERVATIVES in any respect. FYI TRUE CONSERVATIVES AS I'VE MENTIONED A FEW TIMES ON THIS BOARD, ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY DECISION MAKING CAPACITY IN THE GOVERNMENT, THE PTB DON'T ALLOW THIS. Nationalist, are no-where to be seen. Conservatives such as Ron Paul are a perfect example as how the PTB destroy there movements in Politics, I made a thread on Ron Paul in the opinions forum here, check out some of his vids, and his website, he is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE in many areas, thats why the PTB DESTROYED HIS run for President, he had a very large political movement going, it seems they targeted his views on 911 AS KOOKY, the MSM ran with that, and the rest is history.
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