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Default Re: new world order (commandments)

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
No, The Bush Administration people, and those you think are Right Wing Nuts, are NEOCONS, they are neither Conservative, nor liberal, they are actually Marxist, dictator types, they have no National Values, they see the world as there War playground for Israel and world governement, they have no "FAR RIGHT WING VALUES" In them at all, a real FAR RIGHT WING person believes in Nationalism, pro constitution, No NWO, protectionist trade policies, No FREE TRADE, ANTI ABORTION, NO IRS, etc, etc, this notion you people seem to have about Far Right Wingers is what the PTB CONTROLLED MSM has implanted into your thought process, a perfect example of this is when the Governement under Bill Clinton blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, they then blamed it on a rise of "FAR RIGHT WING MILITIAS" Which caused you people to think FAR RIGHT WINGERS were the enemy of freedom, when in fact the opposite is true, this is a common tactic by the PTB, SUCH AS THE CURRENT DEMONIZATION OF CONSERVATIVES AS THE CAUSE OF THE AMERICAS STANDING, again more brainwashing tactics making you think that MARXIST SOCIALISM almost dictatorial in nature, is the best option, hence, in comes the "Messiah" Obama, Mcain is not a Neo-Con, just a opportunist, Palin is a libertarian/conservative. IMO.
You can't pigeon hole everyone, RedRat.

The Far Right (Wing Nuts) as you called them are just as responsible as the Neocons for the current state of our country/world. They write/dictate foreign policy.

The Far Right (Extreme) are neo-nazi's and fascists and, so, too are the NEOCONS.

This is what our government desires in America.

A fascist/totalitarian, police state.

If the government blew up the Oklahoma City building then they described THEMSELVES when they blamed it on the Far Right (Extreme) Wing Nuts.

The conservatives are to blame for the current economic crisis.

Bush has been in power for eight years.


The Democratic Congress is useless.
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