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Thumbs up Re: Iran president paves the way for arabs' imam return

I'd be interested in knowing if this 'school' is somehow a occultic jewish masonic type place, its interesting that the MASONIC SHRINERS use very much alot of Islamic emblems in there symbols and statues around there 'lodges' as anyone who reads into END TIMES things going on, so JEWS(ZIONIST), MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, ARE ALL CONVERGING INTO SOME DRAMATIC MASONIC END TIMES THEATRICAL STAGE? For the record, Real Christians should'nt buy into the PRESENT END TIMES Play being formulated at the highest levels of Masonry and military intelligence agencies. Jesus warned of this end times ploy to discredit him, Iran, Israel, and UK/U.S.A. are all under control of Whacked out Masonry of a extremely high occultic demonic level.
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