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Default Re: Multi-culturalism - purposely meant to fail?

No, i agree. Multiculturalism is a means to an end. Killing off the strong national bonds that will resist the internationalist flavour of the NWO. One government over all.

I think you mean they are trying to foment discontent to usher in a fascist governemnt? Problem/reaction/soloution? A reasonable statement.

Not in Europe. It will never happen. The Internationalist/NWO/Socialist cliques are too entrenched. Fascism in it's purest form is over in Europe.

There will be many organic growths of fascism well away from the control of the NWO masters but they will be killed off.

There is a whole generation, especially in Germany who simply do not want the war mentioned and dare not breath Hitlers name. They are totally subverted. Gerhard Schroeder and Joscar Fischer are die hard Socialists.

If fascism rises agaion it will be local and organic in growth.

Their is certainly some of this happening in Europe.

No doubt there are vast elements of the NWO who are innocently, philosophically tied to the program. They really believe that we must end national soverignty to end all wars. They believe in multi culturalism. See one of my WMV files on my site for a good explanation of the folly of this program.

NWO Soloution Or Seduction.

P.S After all is said and done anything could happen. Fascism could rise again i suppose. Anything but hang the Central Bankers and their ilk.
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