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Arrow Re: American "REAL ESTATE" !!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years from now if there still exist a U.S.A. the economic collapse will have many theories as to how and why it happened, here in this thread I will tell you WHY. Go back to 2003! GEORGE W BUSH laid out a 'plan' to put 6 million minorities into housing by 2010. In a speech he said that White anglos had a disproportianate ownership of houses in America, afterwards his administration and a Politically Correct and NWO affirmative action Congress relaxed the lending procedures to minorities, long story short, millions of UNQUALIFIED MINORITIES, INCLUDING POOR WHITES WERE GIVEN MORTGAGES THEY WERE NOT POSSIBLY ABLE TO AFFORD, also illegal aliens were able to qualify as well, never before in history had lending for houseing ownership been so "loose" all this in the name of DIVERSITY, AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, SO what you have now is a turn down in the economy,and millions of ARM ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGES increasing the monthly payment, along with less jobs, and crooked stock market manipulations, you have a IMPENDING ECONOMIC DISASTER, THE REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS ABOUT 12% RIGHT NOW, AND CLIMBING. never before in History has so many forces come together for the wrong reasons, the only way out is TOTAL GLOBAL WAR, THIRD WORLD ECONOMIC STATUS, THEN ACCEPTING THE AMERO AND NORTH AMERICAN UNION AND THE END OF THE U.S.A. ....or a massive revolution never before seen in history, somethings gotta give???

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