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Default Re: PALIN as Vice President

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Palin and Ron Paul have families that are like the rest of us here in America, working people who don't want to see the destruction of this country, both of the said individuals mentioned have ABSOLUTELY NO TIES WHATSOEVER WITH THE RULING FAMILY ELITE STRUCTURE OF THIS COUNTRY.
The 13 Illuminati families are the ruling elite.

Many are related to one another such as Obama and Cheney being distant cousins.

This is how they keep it All in the Family.

There are plenty of other people; however, who are not related to the Illuminati families but HAVE TIES to them because they help to further their agenda through blackmail; being a mind control slave, etc.

The same can be said about those who are a part of the ruling elite.

There are many elitists within government who are not related to the 13 Illuminati families, but are wealthy due to their family business such as Kerry's wife and McCain's wife.
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