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Originally Posted by rowton View Post
If all youre saying is true then its obvious this person has a fixation. Your first post explained hes a psychotic drinker and besides all else I believe this is the base of the problem. His personality splits each time he drinks alcohol and this is more then likely followed by amnesia. There is no other explanation to explain how hes been content in pestering you for such a long time. I also believe the “fixation” could be connected to denial. Important question, do you know if he bought his Asian wife? If so he probably feels an outsider and uses this situation as an excuse to why he isnt normal.

I don’t know. Denial and fixation does make sense. I don’t really want to go into detail about the pest. As I said before it would be seen as obnoxious. That isn’t the way forward. I only posted here to let others know that this kind of thing is possible.
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