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Default Re: Blindness - The film

Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
Lol Emma ... I'm a real girl on the internet so your OMG I'M A CONFUSED GIRL ON THE INTERNETS isn't going to work well with me. Sorry. Feel free to tell your bosses that they are welcome to pay for advertising on this site. =)

Site pimping is bad. If I see it again I'll ban you. How 'bout contributing to some conspiracy type threads? You know, since this is a conspiracy website and all.

What do you think about the Bohemium Grove? What are those dudes doing?

Well I'm not a site spammer. I've been here since 2004 back when it was good clean fun. Those were the days. I'm a CC veternarian.

I love you justgroovy. Take care of this site while I'm off in basic training.

xoxo. (i'm not sure what that means, but i see everyone writing it today and I think it means love)

--Fra N.
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