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Default Re: Promoting genocide for whites? Noel Ignatiev and the culture of Western suicide

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Promoting genocide for whites? Noel Ignatiev and the culture of Western suicide

Part of a long tradition that has opposed white interests and identity — the culture of critique that has become the culture of Western suicide.

There has been a renewed interest recently in a 2002 article by Paul Craig Roberts, actually the first of two (here is the second), drawing attention to a rather frightening phenomenon at Harvard University: the effort by a professor, Noel Ignatiev, and his journal, Race Traitor, to promote the "cultural and psychological genocide of whites."

Now that’s an odd choice of words—guaranteed to draw attention to himself and his ideas. Was he in any way also promoting the slaughter/liquidation of whites, as some of his adversaries have suggested? Ignatiev says no. In his words,

We frequently get letters accusing us of being "racists," just like the KKK, and have even been called a "hate group." …

Our standard response is to draw an analogy with anti-royalism: to oppose monarchy does not mean killing the king; it means getting rid of crowns, thrones, royal titles, etc….

Ignatiev et al. have developed a story that goes as follows: A bunch of very bad people got together and created a category called "white" to which they belong but people with different colored skin can’t belong. Then they made laws that favored people in the white category, they colluded with other whites to dominate the economic and political process, and they invented baseless scientific theories in which whiteness had its roots in real biological differences.

Promoting genocide for whites? Noel Ignatiev and the culture of Western suicide | National Policy Institute
A white club? I'm not in any white club, and I'm as white as white can get. Why is everyone down on the white man these days?

I was born to a poor family and grew up under extremely adverse conditions. It's just me against the world. But I never joined a gang, and I never got into organized crime just because of that. I was born of privelege. We were dirt poor. I went to university because I studied my arse off! And I waged war with Crowley because he pissed me off! And I'm going to the navy because I have something to offer for the well being of all my fellow countrymen.

I'm not elite just because I'm white. I'm just like everyone else, just trying to get over that hump. And what's more is, the elite's got a giant head start, and I"M STILL GOING TO BEAT THEM!

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