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Default The Copyright Revolution

The idea of the copyright revolution is that this world is not controlled by guns and money it is controlled by the mass media which is brainwashing everybody into submission and if we can destroy that mass media then automatically people will wake up and there will be a revolution.
Copyright is the foundation that this mass media is built upon bercause if people didn't own their ideas or songs or books or whatever then they wouldn't be able to sell them and so the marketplace and the marketing place would fall apart.
we can't have it both ways. we can't want to destroy the global government and want to copyright our creations becuase if we copyright our creations we are relying on the authority of a global institution to make people pay for our creations.
the copyright revolution should start in the music industry and then spread to the rest of the media monopoly. first we just flood the market place with free music untill the music industry is destroyed and when the globalists no longer control our music it will automatically turn around and destroy them.

thats the idea please comment

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