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Default Re: Dissapearing Threads

Originally Posted by Delta View Post
The rest of us considered it to be the most boring thread you ever authored.

You baseless accusations got you banned from most of the Springsteen forums so you had to bring it here. We were all quite suprised how Henry actualy tolerated you and never banned you for life.
How did I miss this?

My baseless accusations got me banned from most of the Springsteen forums???


I was a member for a short time on Springsteen's official site with SONY.

That, my dear, is the only forum and I LEFT of my own free will and how on earth would you even know if I was banned or not???

Were you there at some point?


One of the mind controllers?

What transpired there has been reported, documented and recorded.

It has been added to the record from the past.

I infiltrated and left.

Same as before.

You were surprised how Henry tolerated me???


He tolerated the likes of you and COLD and a dozen just like you.

Makes one wonder what side of the fence Makow is sitting on.

As far as YOU and the OTHERS considering that the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread was one of the most boring, your opinion is not worthy.

You are off the mark in suggesting that I made PEDOPHILE accusations against Springsteen while on his SONY site, which did a disappearing act years ago, and being banned for the same.

I was under the influence of mind controllers; placed in an altered state and thus believing the LIE that he rescued me from the cult because THEY didn't want me to make the accusations that I have on this site and publicly, which will soon be the case!!

BTW, they're not accusations.

They are TRUTH!

I was banned, thank GOODNESS, and knew that I would be when I called Paddy a/k/a Patriot on BTX a Pu**y.

Why did I call him this?

Because he is and I knew I would be BANNED for doing so.

My CORE knew they were full of it and I found my OUT, but had to call a spade a spade before I performed my disappearing act!

I had been brought to a STATE of DISTRESS; however, they desired a psychotic break and didn't get it because I DON'T break!

As they know.

I do the breaking!

I survived, cause as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive and I have all my life to live and I have all my love to give and I'll survive, I will survive, hey, hey!!!

Let me tell you something DELTA DAWN, what's that flower you have on, could it be a faded rose from days gone by and did I HEAR YOU SAY THAT YOU WERE LEAVING ME HERE TODAY TO TAKE ME TO THAT MANSION IN THE SKY.


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